Basic Test Flow

This will guide you through how a basic testing flow works in the most simple form, from ordering the test to getting results.


1) Ordering

In order to take a test, you must first place an order using the Orders API to ship the kit to the end user. This requires you to know what type of kit you want to order and basic details of the customer such as name and shipping address.

Once the order is successfully placed, the kit will ship from the Chronomics warehouse direct to the end user.


Example of the information required by the Orders API.

2) Registering

Once the end user receives the physical kit they must first register it before returning to the lab. Use the Registration widget to allow the user to complete the registration. Note: the registration is a complex process that differs per test type and region and includes instructions to complete the test hence is not available to complete via the API currently.

Once the registration is complete the end user ships the kit back to our lab with the pre-paid shipping method (instructions included in the kit and during the registration process).


The SDK contains pre built registration flows.

3) Results

Once results are ready, you can call the Bio Tests API to receive them.


Example of what the information from the results API can be used to display

What’s Next