Shopify FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the shipping work?

  • The Chronomics app creates an "App Shipping Profile" under "Shipping and delivery" in Shopify which defines the shipping rules for our products. You may edit this if the default settings are not suitable.

Can I link existing products in Shopify to Chronomics products?

  • Not at this time, there is no way to import your existing products into Chronomics.

What emails do the customer receive?

  • The order confirmation email will be sent from Shopify (and can be edited from the admin panel). All other order update emails will be sent by Chronomics.

How do I delete a product?

  • In order to permanently delete a product, remove it from your store in the Chronomics dashboard. This will also permanently delete the product from Shopify. If you just want to temporarily remove it from sale, set the "Status" in Shopify to "Draft".

How do I get help?