Webhooks allow you to be notified on your server when certain events happen, rather than having to poll our API all the time. For more info on webhooks in general see working with webhooks

Subscribe to Webhooks and HTTP request configuration

When subscribing to a webhook, the following can be configured:

  • URL: the URL the webhook notification will be sent to
  • HTTP METHOD: HTTP GET and HTTP POST are supported
  • HTTP HEADERS: Additional custom headers to be sent as part of the HTTP request (this can be used to perform authentication)
  • REQUEST BODY: This can be used to rename properties of the JSON schema sent in the HTTP request body



Webhooks can only be configured through your account manager currently.


Failed notifications are retried up to a maximum of 3 times.
The backoff delay is 5000 milliseconds multiplied by the number of retries.


The objects that cause webhooks to happen are:


When a customer order moves through the states (dispatched, delivered etc) these fire webhooks.

ORDER.CREATEDOrderOrder has been created
ORDER.DISPATCHEDOrderOrder has been dispatched
ORDER.OUT_FOR_DELIVERYOrderOrder is out for delivery (Note: this is subject to shipping method)
ORDER.RECEIVEDOrderOrder has been received by the customer (Note: this is subject to shipping method)


When a test moves through the various states this fires webhooks (registered, arrived at lab, resulted etc)

TEST.REGISTEREDTestTest has been registered
TEST.LAB_ACCESSIONEDTestTest has been received at the lab (accessioned)
TEST.PROCESSEDTestTest results are ready
TEST.CLINICAL_COMMENTARY_UPLOADEDTestA clinical commentary has been uploaded


Full webhook event schemas

View event schemas for the full details of each webhook.