Shopify Storefront

Create your own storefront (using Shopify) to sell tests that are fulfilled by Chronomics.

Why sell via Shopify?

Shopify is an all in one ecommerce platform that is easy to set up, has an intuitive interface and requires no coding making it perfect for both beginners and experienced sellers. For more information on how the Shopify integration works with Chronomics see here.

Integration TypeEcommerce platform
Setup timeVery Fast
Price14-day free trial, subscription starting at $29/mo. + percentage-based transaction fee per order
Products pushed to store
Changes in Shopify sync back
Automatic fulfilment
Requires coding❌ No coding required

1) Setup your store

If you dont already have a Shopify store, you will need to create one. Otherwise you can install the app into your existing store.

2) Install our app

Install the Chronomics App into your store from the Shopify App store. Once you have given it the required permissions you will be redirected to our Chronomics dashboard to create an account or login to your existing one.


Security & Trust

Our app has been review by the Shopify expert team and only asks for the minimum number of permissions required to work correctly.

3) Update Shopify settings

In order for Chronomics to automatically fulfil orders placed via your store a few default settings need to be modified. From your Shopify admin, head over to Settings.

Under Checkout, Shipping address phone number must be set to "Required". (our couriers require a phone number in case of any issues with the delivery). Without this orders will not be fulfilled.


Shipping address phone number needs to be "Required"

Also under Checkout, After an order has been paid should be set to "Automatically fulfill the order‘s line items". (Note: order confirmation emails with tracking information will be sent by Chronomics, so their is no need to enable this here).


4) Create your first product

Back in the Chronomics Dashboard > Storefront you should now see your store connected. If you dont see anything please contact support.


Connected stores

Under Products you can now add your first product. This will allow you to select from any of the Chronomics tests available in your region (tests are limited by region due to medical regulations) and build your own product.


Create your first product

You can leave the title/description as they are or modify as you wish. This is the information that will sync through to your Shopify product.
Base Price is the price you will pay to Chronomics for each order you receive (see Payments) for more information on how this works. The Retail Price is what your customers will see in your shop and allows you to add your own margin on top.

Be sure to check Add to stores at the bottom, which will sync the product to Shopify.


Product Fields

Back over in your Shopify admin panel, you should see the product has now synced through successfully. If it doesn't appear immediately give it a minute and refresh the page.


Shopify Products

If you preview your storefront your newly create product should now be on sale to customers as well!


2-way sync

You can either edit the product details in Shopify or in Chronomics and they will remain in sync automatically where ever they are changed.

5) Order Fulfilment

Once a customer has placed an order (we suggest you place a test order to check everything works ok), you should see it appear in the Shopify Admin > Orders section.
The "Fulfillment status" will show status and you can click into the order for more details, or any errors in trying to fulfil the order.


Orders placed


Fulfillment Status

Back in your Chronomics Dashboard > Orders, you should see the order appear as well which means its been successfully received by Chronomics. Depending on how your Payments are setup, the order status will show as "Payment confirmed" or "Payment required" (in which case you will need to make payment before the order is shipped to your customer).



How does the shipping work?

  • The Chronomics app creates an "App Shipping Profile" under "Shipping and delivery" in Shopify which defines the shipping rules for our products. You may edit this if the default settings are not suitable.

Can link existing products in Shopify to Chronomics products?

  • Not at this time, there is no way to import your existing products into Chronomics.

What emails do the customer receive?

  • The order confirmation email will be sent from Shopify (and can be edited from the admin panel). All other order update emails will be sent by Chronomics.

How do I delete a product?

  • In order to permanently delete a product remove it from your store in the Chronomics dashboard. This will also permanently delete the product from Shopify. If you just want to temporarily remove it from sale, set the "Status" in Shopify to "Draft".

How do I get help?